Innovative Oil & Gas Services For All

We are committed to upholding safety, quality and compliance with the necessary requirements in offering lubricant, bunkering and other fuel-related services. Coupled with our vast experience and skills in this area, we are able to help fuel the growth of our clients’ businesses.


We source, store, blend and deliver petroleum products. We move petroleum products and gas from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. These include:

  • Crude oil
  • Low sulphur fuel oil
  • Fuel oil
  • Gasoline
  • Bunker logistics and supply
  • Marine gas oil
  • Liquefied Petroleum (LPG)
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Lubricants


As a market leader, our strengths lie in our strategic long-term relationships, vast expertise and market insights, focus on solutions and reputation for reliability. These have enabled us to seamlessly supply our clients with the commodities they require when and where they need them. Consequently, we are able to reinforce market links between producers and end-users and ultimately add value to the global trade in natural resources by delivering exceptional service and performance across the entire supply chain.


Hyphen Energy Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a joint-venture with Hyphen Energy, a Singapore-based company. Involved in the trading of fuel-related products, we are committed to upholding uncompromising quality to meet market demands.

KA Gas Sdn Bhd is a local trading house involved in the rapidly evolving LPG and LNG markets. Our local presence and effective logistics network support our trading activities.

Marine Bunker Sdn Bhd offers our customers the industry’s most transparent bunker services in the region, supplying low sulphur fuel oil, fuel oil and marine gas oil at a competitive price.

MY Supreme Oil Sdn Bhd manages the Group’s requirements for lubricants and provides a cradle-to-grave solution for the sourcing, procurement, supply, logistics, delivery, marketing, sales, technical support and disposal of lubricants. We are the exclusive importer and distributor in Malaysia for the Gulf Oil brand of lubricants in the marine industry.