Offering End-to-end Services

Our Renewables Business Unit is a leading provider of marine waste management. We meet the waste management requirements of diverse customers and partners in compliance with all necessary legal frameworks.


A comprehensive range of scheduled waste management and renewables services including:

  • Solar Panel
  • Consultation
  • Waste sampling
  • Waste analysis
  • Waste packaging & labeling
  • Transportation
  • Recovery treatment
  • Final disposal of waste


We are helmed by a strong management team, including a Certified Environmental Professional In Waste Management (CePSWaM), who are experts in their own fields such as consultation, waste analysis and packing. Additionally, our waste management services have been recognised with certifications from Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


Integrated Green Management Sdn Bhd provides consultancy and management services for the reduction of waste; from collection to disposal of waste, treatment and recovery of valuable resources. Our priority is to minimise adverse effects to the environment. We also provide consultancy services to our customers on the creation of clean and renewable energy that is sustainable, efficient and green.

Southern Port Reception Facility Sdn Bhd and Port Klang Port Reception Facility Sdn Bhd are in the process of building port reception facilities to provide end-to-end scheduled waste management services  to the southern and central regions respectively. These facilities are tentatively scheduled to commence operations by the end of 2022.